Are you busy, yet always wanted to create another source of income?

Or... have you always wanted to make change in the society?

PurePak Reverse Osmosis Pure Drinking Water Filling Station is the answer!

Water is critical to our daily living... Pure Drinking Water is a necessity!

PurePak ROPDW provides water 24 hours, 7 days a week..
Fully Automatic Prepaid Card™ operated!

PurePak handles all maintenance work and filters costs!! - Hassle Free!
Minimal investment!  The BEST is CAPITAL BACK Guarantee!

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Own Your very own High-Demand, trouble-free business and a give away to the society, with PurePak's Innovative Water Purification and Filling Station!
*No previous experience is necessary to enjoy a flexible schedule and low overhead*

Innovation At Its Best
The PurePak reverse Osmosis Pure Drinking Water machine is the World's best fully certified high-capacity water purification and selling machine that dispenses Pure, pH balanced and fresh purified water... cashless and on demand. As such, it represents a tremendous opportunity in a market comprised of potentially every person in the World. PurePak takes the purified water selling concept to a whole new level offering uncompromised quality, established reliability, location convenience and after sales service that is unmatched in the industry. The proprietary PurePak Prepaid Card™ is a cashless payment technology offering convenience and choice to consumers and cash management peace of mind for operators.

Water Filling Station: Filling the Need for Convenience
By far the biggest gain in water sales has been in single serve bottles. Machines stocked with single serving of water are everywhere. This has pushed what the consumer today will pay for water to over Rs.80 per gallon! (based on Rs.25 for a 1.5L serving bottle) Water selling provides good tasting water that’s safe in a convenient format and today’s consumer is prepared to pay for that. One negative factor is that it is also sending mountains of plastic bottles to the dump at great cost to the environment, not to mention the cost of disposal. PurePak Reverse Osmosis Pure Drinking water uses sophisticated and proven technology to dispense fresh water, on demand, over and over without fail. Our state-of-the-art machines allow you to maximize revenue by allowing customers to access fresh water in any amount they desire with amazing ease, value, and convenience. Also, offering an environmentally-friendly choice generates more profit for your business. Every time a PurePak Water station is used one plastic bottle doesn’t go in a dumpster!

Business Options to Meet Your Needs
With PurePak reverse Osmosis Pure drinking Water, you can grow your business as big or as small as you desire. If you are already the owner of a retail business, you can bring in additional revenue by adding PurePak ROPD Water Stations to your store. When you join PurePak, you will enjoy the freedom of building your own business. PurePak ROPD Water Stations generate revenue through four primary sources:
•Up front sales of PurePak Prepaid Card™ (taking coins at point of sale is also available) 
•If you already own a store, PurePak Water may bring loyal customers into your store more often not only resulting in sales from the water but also in more store sales 
•The sale of advertisements (onscreen, as well as on the PurePak Water Station banner) 
•Sale of PurePak Water Station accessories, including bottles 

A Fabulous Business Opportunity
The PurePak Reverse Osmosis Pure Drinking Water Station opportunity is without a doubt the most comprehensive offering in the industry. From our ground breaking Water Station, to our warranty, technical support, placement services and training programs…everything is “best in class.” PurePak Water, has put all the pieces in place to get you in business as quickly as possible with all of the support and services that are essential for a smooth and accelerated launch. You will receive a complete, turnkey business. This opportunity offers many advantages including:
•There is no inventory buy, dispose of or control 
•No shelf space is required 
•Fits in a small space (32”x27” footprint) 
•PurePak makes it easy with full-service rental and revenue-sharing programs

Giveaway to the Society - A noble service!
Not only will you be doing business, but you will be helping the society by providing pure drinking water. Water that is purified on the world's best available technology, a technology that promises prevention against harmful and usage of unhygienic water, that too on the most nominal and affordable prices! When clean and pure drinking water is becoming an expensive luxury for the common man, you will be able to help provide this basic need to the common man!

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If you can provide the above mentioned things, CONGRATULATIONS!

You are eligible for franchising PurePak Reverse Osmosis Pure Drinking Water outlet and earn upto Rs. 100K a month after deducting all expenses!

For further information please contact us by e-mail on and schedule a meeting to get informed about our revolutionary concept!