PurePak Water Purification Systems started in the early 2000′s with the objective to provide efficient drinking water solutions for everyone. Over the years, this vision has expanded, and PurePak continues to serve water related needs of all its clients.

PurePak started its services with the major collaboration/association with world leaders in water purification technology like Filmtec/Structural/Codline/Procon/Fleck/Aquatech/ Omnipure/Puricom/Osmonics/Blue-White and CES. We also go, locally, but with no compromise on quality. And, in a short period PurePak become a major player in water purification, drinking water industry, by providing varied solutions from domestic, commercial and industrial, to suit its customers needs.

At PurePak we offer all type of water purification solutions whether it is tap, brackish, river or sea water, and whether it is for household or commercial purpose, industries, factories, schools, hospitals, communities, societies; whether for food & beverage, hotels, restaurants; whether it is for agriculture, mining, disaster relief, environment purpose; whether for military, marine or municipal use ...whatever suits the purpose!

PurePak's strict measures in quality is paramount to its success.
Over 15 years of experience in providing the best solutions to its customers.
PurePak provides the most economical solutions to its customers without any compromise on quality!
We give prime importance to integrity in business ethics and we promise what we deliver.
We believe in giving back to the society, and we do this by providing the best quality water at the most affordable rates.
We stand by our products and equipment 100% and take pride in our work.
We pay attention to the nitty gritties in design and our product comes out giving excellent results.
We keep bringing innovation and advanced features into our systems.
We can also build customized systems suitable to your needs and we guarantee your satisfaction.
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